This semester, the Student Life Division and Student Senate launched the myValpo platform for the Valpo community. 

MyValpo uses the Presence software to create a virtual hub for student organizations and to encourage student involvement.

“It's going to really help kind of centralize and streamline all the amazing things that students are already doing outside the classroom, but putting it in one virtual space,” said Ryan Bye, Associate Director in the Harre Union.

MyValpo will be used by all organizations recognized by Student Senate as well as the Student Life Division. 

The Student Life Division is a group of university staff who work to engage and develop students during their time at Valpo. Those on myValpo include the Harre Union, the Career Center, FSL/Reslife and Student Philanthropy Programs.

“That includes FSL; that includes Reslife. I believe some OA stuff is going to be in there. Basically, anything that's a part of the Student Life Division will be in myValpo,” said Chris Grimpe, Public Relations Coordinator for Student Senate. 

The purpose of myValpo is that it will give one space for organizations to store and manage events, forms, registrations/sign-ups and other contents, allowing them to work more efficiently than before.

“Prior to myValpo, we had to manage the organizations and the student involvement in them by working with a variety of different spreadsheets under a lot of different systems and this is really meant to kind of streamline that process,” Bye said.

Organizations will be able to communicate on their profiles by adding Zoom links, group administrators will also have the ability to message members directly. However, in addition to this, organizations will have the opportunity to promote themselves and their events on myValpo, as well.

“Currently, I believe the only way to see all the student orgs offered is going to the Student Activities fair, which is held, I believe, only once a school year. So it's a great way for students year round to see what organizations are on campus. And also, it's great for these organizations then to continually promote themselves,” Grimpe said.

On myValpo, students will be able to see what all is happening on campus using the “Event” function, view profiles for all the organizations displayed and use the “join” and “contact” functions to join organizations themselves or contact a member. All of this will allow students to get a better idea of everything VU has to offer.

“As a student, I have spent some time on presentation, just looking at the different organizations and what they are all about. Because there's some organizations - I just see their name, and I'm kind of like, ‘Okay, I don't think that's for me, or I don't know what that's about’,” Grimpe said.

“I think as a student, that's the one thing that's gonna be very helpful, is seeing that there is a club for almost anything on campus.”

In addition to interacting with organizations, myValpo will track everything a student’s been involved in while at VU by taking attendance at the events and meetings.

“What I would say more broadly is really cool about MyValpo is that it’ll track your involvement over four years, as well. So at the end of your time at Valparaiso University, you’ll be able to log in and see all the different co-curricular activities you were involved in,”Bye said .

To access myValpo, search for and then type in your Valpo login to access the site. 

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