The Christ College (CC) Christmas Symposium is a yearly event that will be taking place in the ballrooms of the Harre Union from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on Dec. 9.  


“The CC Christmas symposium is it's time for CC to connect before winter break. And have time to be silly together, as opposed to the other symposiums that are on more serious topics and usually a professor giving like a lecture essentially... It's just a fun time where everyone can realize that the faculty are people and the students are also people,” said Elaina Miller, a member of the CC Student Advisory Board (SAB). 


According to Dean Jennifer Prough, the Symposium functions as a Christmas party or celebration for the CC community at the end of the semester. It is an event that typically takes place during the last week of classes. 


The night will commence with opening remarks from Prough and Miller, followed by an evening of food, skits and Christmas carols. 


“Its highlight is that each cohort of students, so seniors, juniors, sophomores, and those three all do skits. And so the sophomores always make fun of the first year's production...The juniors we don't give a clear role to so it's a little bit of a free for all. They can pick whatever they want to sort of spoof,” said Prough. 


The topic of the junior skit isn’t revealed until the event.


“The junior skit is a mystery skit, which everyone will find out tomorrow,” said Miller.


Seniors perform skits that “spoof” the faculty, while teaching assistants within Christ College work with first-year students and make a spoof of the first-year program courses. Faculty also perform at the event. 

“It's changed a little bit over the years. For a long time the Dean did something sort of funny at the end as well. But when I first got back here, it's faculty...So we cut out the Dean's skit at the end to keep it in a two hour time period because this gets a little bit long,” Prough said.  


The symposium is also a great way for students to really get to know their professors and bond with them outside of class. 


“It’s really awesome to see my professors show their creative side, and just be funny rather than strict but also so well educated. It’s fun to see them let loose and see another side of their personality” said Junior Katie Endres. 


Derrick Minnick, a junior affiliated with Christ College, also had positive experiences with the event. 


“The Christmas symposium is more of a celebration of everything we have accomplished this semester and I think it is a great opportunity for Christ college students to get to know each other outside of the classroom and to celebrate the work that they have done this semester,” said Minnick.  


According to Miller, the event is also an opportunity to appreciate the CC community. 


“Take this opportunity to see your professors, not as your professors but as people who are funny and care for you. Because the fact that they're all there means that they care, means that they care for your well being during finals week, because they know you need to laugh and they know you need this time,” Miller said. “And also come for the community's sake. You know, you don't get to see everyone in CC or mostly everyone in CC outside of class or even outside of Mueller and get the opportunity to see them sing Christmas carols and be silly when we put them on the spot, or you know, write, work on and produce something funny.”

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