St. Balrick's

Preparations are underway for Lambda Chi Alpha’s third annual St. Baldrick’s event. Ths philanthropy event will take place on Nov. 2 from 12-4 p.m. in the Community Room of the Christopher Center.

“This is the fall philanthropy event for Lambda Chi Alpha so we host the event. Although this isn’t a Lambda Chi event per se. It’s a big Valpo event, we’re just the ones that host it,” Lead Organizer and Lambda Chi brother Terry Wade said. 

Wade discussed the history of the St. Baldrick’s event at Valpo. 

“This event has been going on for a long time. It was started by Coach Avery from the VU men’s soccer team and he started the event a while ago. And then three years ago, this is our third annual one hosted by Lambda Chi, one of our brothers asked him if we could start doing this, like we want to continue your legacy type of thing and he said ok,” Wade said.       

The organization hopes to raise over $20,000 this year and have more participants than last year. 

“This amount obviously gets donated to the St. Baldricks foundation which donates it to researchers. It helps support researchers so we can find a cure for pediatric cancer,”  Wade said.”Last year I think we had around fifty people who shaved their head and this year I’m just trying to get more than that. You know to shave our heads is to stand in solidarity with those kids who lose their hair because of treatment induced hair loss.” 

Lambda Chi Alpha has already received many volunteers and participants for their event.

“So right now we have around thirty people shaving their head and then we have around one hundred and seven people signed up to fundraise on behalf of their organizations or there are some people who are from outside the VU community that are participating,” Wade said. 

Wade is one of the shavees that have already signed up. He feels as if this cause is important to him due to friends and family members who have been affected by pediatric cancer.

“ So to me it’s really important that we support the research effort as much as we can to find a cure for this because one of the facts that we really stress is that every two minutes a child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer so that’s almost three thousand children a day. So we really want to bring that number down,” Wade said. 

Sometimes, children with pediatric cancer show up to the event. 

“They’ll say how cool it was that these adults, these college kids, would be willing to shave their head and just to look like them and stand with them. The reason I like shaving my head every year is just to say, ‘I’m with you kids, I want to support you in anyway I can,’” Wade said.

Faculty are also participating in the event either as volunteers or shavees. 

“In years past we’ve had a lot of faculty participation, this year there’s a couple professors that are participating and actually shaving their head. Julie DeGraw, the new Vice President of Student Affairs, she’s been advertising on her social media and raising good money through that,” Wade said.

Last year, they raised just under twenty grand; Wade’s favorite memory of last year’s St. Baldrick’s was holding up the numbers at the end of the event. 

It’s not too late for people to sign up to participate in the event, according to Wade.

“If anyone is interested in signing up it’s and you can get started on behalf of an organization or just individually and look through the teams on there and pick who you want to support. So it’s never too late to get started to get fundraising or if you want to shave your head for the kids,” Wade said.

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