My first-ever letter to The Torch is elicited by what may be the bravest article that I've read in this paper or many others: Allyse Donarski's story in your 4/28 issue of her rape as a VU frosh and her subsequent recovery process. Her willingness to go public, complete with full-color photograph, is heroic, even in our "enlightened" times.

By contrast, the two perpetrators (whose names may or may not have been changed to protect the guilty--the article doesn't say) stand exposed of committing what the Bible rightly labels an "abomination." The acts of the rapist himself were not simply evil but cowardly: what kind of man plies a woman (one who trusts him as a friend, no less) with liquor to the point of intoxication, then strips her, then forces himself on her, then walks away? But I confess that my real indignation was sparked by the other man involved. What was going through his mind (or OK, I'll be direct: what was he doing with himself) while the crime was underway? How could he fail even to cover her afterwards? He stands equally responsible, by my calculus.

VU guys, it's time to "man up," to use the saying in its proper, positive way. Real men don't rape. Friends don't let friends do it either.

I'm well aware that Allyse's story is not a new one--read 2 Samuel 13 sometime--but her willingness to let the light shine on her story, complete with its real and ongoing consequences for her, moved me deeply.

George C. Heider

Chair and Professor, Department of Theology

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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