Opposites attract series: Snow brings inconvenience, low temperatures

Living in Northwest Indiana for the majority of my life, one would think I’ve adapted and enjoyed the snow. But here I am, writing a counter-argument explaining why snow isn’t that great. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big nature-fan and think snow is a beautiful part of our nature, but only for like a week. 

The first issue with snow, specifically in the Valparaiso area, is it doesn’t stay beautiful. The snow is quick to turn that brown color, turn into ice and overall just be an eyesore and a nuisance. If it stayed that pure white, fluffy snow maybe I would like it a little more. Yes, I’m aware this is society’s fault, but I’m just laying down some facts. 

Second, is the inconvenience that snow brings. I have about half an hour commute to and from school, and in the winter I feel like I’m trying to ice skate, but with my car. Admittedly, my home-town is fantastic at clearing the streets, but as soon as I get to the city of Valparaiso it’s an entirely different story. 

I’m convinced that the city of Valparaiso only owns three snowplows. So not only is it an inconvenience, but it also presents a danger.    

Perhaps my biggest issue with snow is the freezing temperatures that accompany it. Because we go to school in the wonderful Northwest Indiana, we get to experience wind chill from Lake Michigan. So not only are we dealing with the frozen nonsense of snow and ice, but we also get to brave the -20 temperatures. 

There’s a reason why we automatically start crying when it’s too cold out.     

Not to mention the odds of VU canceling class. My freshman year it was full-on blizzarding in Portage, where I live, and VU expected me to still make it to class on time. I attempted, but when I couldn’t see the biggest building in portage while on the street directly in front of it, I decided to just take the absence.

Valpo also prides itself on being a walking campus, which is great, but not so great in the winter. Students are arriving to class with tears frozen to their faces, snow kicked inside their boots and shivering. 

I will admit, winter has some pretty fun activities as well. Ice skating, sledding, building snowmen-- so many opportunities. However, we rarely get to enjoy this in Valparaiso. More often than not, it’s too cold to be outside to do these activities. 

Most of the time weather professionals warn that if one is outside more than five minutes they risk frostbite. While sledding is fun, it’s a hard pass on the frostbite. 

The snow can be pretty sometimes, and we are lucky that we live in an area where we get to experience it. As awful as it is, I can’t imagine never seeing snow. However, maybe a little less of it would be nice.  

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily of The Torch. 

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