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“Ashley, I thought since I was no longer a first-year student I wouldn’t get homesick, however, I was so wrong. I haven’t seen my family since they moved me into my residence hall in August. I’m looking forward to seeing them over the short break we get in November but what are some ways to feel less homesick throughout the year?” 

Hey, hey, hey... it always seems like this point in the year is when that homesickness kicks in. I personally think it’s because we've been at school for a few months and we are getting excited to finally go home on the breaks coming up. So I will try my best to offer you some tips when you feel like you’re starting to miss home.


First, it’s super neat that we have the technology that allows us to not only text and call but also facetime someone. You can plan to have a whole fam facetime so everyone is able to catch up. This could even go one step further and you and your family can decide on a time once a week or every other week for you all talk to each other. This way you always know what's going on with them and they can get updates on how you're doing. This will hopefully make you miss home less, since you’ll be up to date with what is going on.


Next, try to find a place here in Valpo whether it be somewhere on campus or maybe downtown that reminds you of home. This would then be a great spot to go when all you want to do is feel at home, hopefully, this place will let you reminisce on that. For me, I found a coffee shop downtown that resembles one in my hometown, every time I go in to grab a coffee or do some homework I instantly get a sense of home.

Another great way to feel like you’re home when you’re away is to surround yourself with good people. This is definitely something you’ve probably heard but it’s true. Think of all the time you spend with your friends and your mind isn’t thinking about other things you’re just living in the moment. So when homesickness hits you go out with your friends and do something fun to get your mind off it

My last little tip would be to decorate your room here to be a spot that feels comfortable to you and like a second home. Add some decorations and some throw pillows to make it feel more welcoming. You can even get some picture frames and add photos with your family in it so you can look at that and smile when you miss them.

I hope these ideas help when you start to feel like you’re missing home. Hang in there, we have a few more weeks until our break in November and after that, in December, we have an even longer break. But in the meantime, find a place here in Valpo that feels like a second home or spend time with your friends to get your mind off of being homesick. 

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