It’s easy to get caught up day-to-day in the little things or by simply thinking with a closed mindset.

My sophomore year of high school at cheer camp, we had a coach come in and teach us all about mindsets. He explained that when you get upset and frustrated over one mistake you made, that’s when you start telling yourself you can’t get better or can’t do something. By being negative, you are possessing a closed mindset whether you knew it or not.

On the other hand, he addressed what an open mindset was and stressed that it’s what everyone should strive for whether you’re an athlete or not. He described an open mindset as basically the opposite of being closed. The person is up for anything, tries new things and believes they can get better. Most importantly they do not get caught up in mistakes. Instead, a person with an open mindset takes each situation in life as a learning experience so they can better themselves and move forward.

So why would you not want to adapt to an open mindset? Well, for some people it’s just that easy to be stuck in their ways and think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I know I’ve met my share of people who don’t see the point of being more optimistic and that they can get better at whatever they are working at -- whether it’s getting a higher grade in the class or working out more. There are situations and decisions that pop up every day in our life that tests our mindsets, however we get to be the ones to control that.

Now on the other hand, I have met an ample amount of people who know that each day is a new day to better themselves and have an open mindset in every aspect of life they tackle. Having this concept of life is what we should all adapt. The people who already practice having an open mindset are already on the right track.

I know personally from my experience in high school, I’ve learned about this to where I’m now able to notice when I keep an open mindset but also can notice just as quickly when it starts to shift to a closed mindset. This can happen when I get bad test score or something doesn’t go as planned.

Luckily, I know better and that each of those not so ideal experiences is actually ideal because it’s teaching me a lesson for the future, so I should just keep a clear mind and move on.  

Next time you get a grade on a test you’re not happy with or something happens you weren’t planning for, know that it will be okay if you stay optimistic and aren’t too hard on yourself about it.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily of The Torch.

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