Dear Derek,

I really want to join a Greek life organization but I'm worried about hazing and not fitting in with the others. How do I overcome my worries? Are you in a Greek life organization? Why did you decide to join?

Can't Decide


Dear Can’t Decide,

Honestly I would recommend Greek life. Greek life is one of those things that you cannot describe to someone unless they are in it. I think what makes Greek life so great is that it gives you an opportunity to meet people, whom you would not have met, if you have not done so. Unfortunately, Greek life has a negative stereotype nationwide. Freshman year, I viewed Greek life as a joke. I personally thought that to join a fraternity I would have to party every weekend and thankfully that is not the case.

       Can’t Decide, the great thing about Greek life is that there are numerous options. For example, sorority recruitment has their own system, so you are personally put into a sorority that you fit into. An awesome aspect about Greek life is that there are options, so if you do not like one fraternity or sorority, you can always move on to the next one. Fraternities and sororities are basically a business. You have members trying to organize and run it, while at the same time you are constantly trying to recruit new talent. Can’t Decide, take advantage of this, especially fraternities. Meet each one, this gives you the leading power in choosing which organization you like best. For example, some people like Cool Ranch Doritos, while others prefer Nacho Cheese, but why not try them both and then decide which one you like the best? I honestly would not worry about fitting in, as long as you pick whatever organization that makes you feel the most comfortable.

      Yes, I am in a fraternity. I am the secretary of Lambda Chi Alpha and the main reason I joined was because of the people. They seemed like very genuine and goofy people. Thankfully, my fraternity is not the only awesome Greek life organization on campus. I have to say that all Greek life organizations at Valpo contain very genuine people. The people are by far the best part when you first join Greek life. You create so many memories with these people that it starts to feel like a home away from home. Plus, Greek life is such a great networking tool. Think about it: there are millions of people who have rushed each Greek life organization in the United States. Even if you do not meet someone who joined your specific fraternity or sorority it is still a great conversation starter.

Furthermore, I know most people are worried about being hazed. I can personally say that when I first joined my fraternity, I was extremely nervous about potentially being hazed. Thankfully, that was not the case. No Greek life organization in their right mind would haze here because there is so much on the line that you can lose. If a Greek life organization is caught hazing then they will most likely get kicked off campus. Plus, if there is a situation in which you are hazed, there are numerous people you can contact for help. You can contact the organization’s president, talk to your big, Carrie Whittier the assistant dean of students for Greek life, or even an RA.

Can’t Decide, just give Greek life a try. If you attend multiple events and are still not into it then do not feel obligated to join. Greek life is an awesome experience, but it isn’t for everyone. Honestly, do not feel too overwhelmed. Greek life is like a box of Lucky Charms, there are multiple marshmallow shapes that differ and you can have your own personal favorite, but at the end of the day they all are still marshmallows that taste the exact same.



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