Change and suffering are prerequisites to excellence

How do you feel when someone close to you, or someone important to you, is suddenly no longer part of your life? This could mean the person moves away from you, transfers to another job or school or even to the extreme-their death. It probably feels gut-wrenching and sad to see the person leave and go onto doing separate things, possibly greater things. However, we know that deep under our own feelings about the person exiting our lives, them leaving is best. This is just one example of how to overcome adversity. We need change in our lives in order to become excellent. 

I recall the very first article I wrote for the Torch when I said, “get comfortable being uncomfortable,” we cannot strive to be the very best at what we do when we sit back comfortably in our lives. This is true for achieving anything in life, one cannot simply become good at anything by being content with the present reality of mediocrity, but rather, be challenged to be better in order to generate signs of improvement. If we were handed everything we could possibly need and want in life, without the adversity to achieve it or the notion to work for it, we would live our lives without meaning or purpose. 

Notice how one takes for granted the gifts they were born with, and for the most part, one does not hone the gift to make it greater. However, when one is mediocre at something, the person most likely would hone the skill and make it greater. For example, I am naturally gifted in illustration and color, yet I seek not to hone my gifts, but instead, hone my mediocre skills: in studying sciences and running. We achieve nothing in life without being challenged with change. If one is already good at something for a long time, without change, one does not achieve anything for a long time. 

Such change may include rearranging a daily routine or forming habits. Other changes may include cutting out unhealthy aspects of our lives: junk food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.. Change is never easy and it always allows us to fail and give up, however, if you perceive the change as easy, was it really change? Or was it simply an adjustment to be made in your life? 

Nothing excellent has ever been done without the efforts of failure that is brought with the mindset of change. In order to have excellence, it is not having power, influence or money. It is rather, having virtues of perseverance, patience and obedience that will allow us to become malleable to change. These allow us to grow with change that occurs in our lives, whether it be unexpected or expected: graduating from school and entering into a vocation or profession or, sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances that upheave our way of life. Think of it this way, everyone of worthy note has suffered from or was moved by the change that was faced in their lives. 

Change leads people to different paths and directions that are completely unique to the individual, and those changes bring about the true colors of the person and the current reality of their life. However, this can lead to great conversion of thinking, mindset or goals for one’s future. Because one may have a preconceived idea of what life has in store for them, rather, what is in store for all of our lives is actually least expected. When we dream, our dreams often fall short, and this is due to our unwillingness to accept change in our lives, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.

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