Dear Derek,

I am lazy. I am tired of school. How can I fight senioritis so I can graduate?

Sincerely, Slothing Around

Dear Slothing Around,

First off, you are winning in life with that anonymous name choice and how honest you are right now. April is the month to try to build up one’s GPA after these last gruesome weeks. I honestly cannot believe we’re already into May. I feel like I need an additional 12 hours for each day, plus time to sleep in order to accomplish all my tasks. Slothing Around, good for you that you realize staying motivated can be challenging. How am I supposed to focus when Dory’s twitter is posting new, hilarious memes every hour?

In all seriousness, I cannot really give you advice on how to defeat laziness because that is something you either have or you don’t. You’re the only one who can motivate yourself because you’re the only person who knows yourself. If drinking coffee helps you get through your day, go for it. Maybe listening to your favorite music and pump-up songs while trying to get ready for class or work will help you take action in accomplishing your duties. Plus, if you are tired of school, set a goal for yourself. You only have two weeks left. Keep this in mind: Work hard now so you can relax a little after graduation. Just figure out what motivates you and act upon it.

Motivation can help with senioritis, but it can also be unrealistic. A counselor can tell you to be more organized and proactive; however, telling one to do something isn’t going to magically make them do it. Life throws some unpredictable curve balls at people. It doesn’t mean they are incapable of doing it--it just means they will take longer to accomplish it than other people. In addition to senioritis, it’s your senior year, and seniors want to hang out with their friends for as long as they can before they depart.

My advice is to set up an awesome treat for yourself at the end of every week. Use this to motivate yourself to get your work done because you are more likely to get your work done if you are going out with your friends on Saturday. If you plan on going out on Saturday night with your friends, reminding yourself that you might not be able to do this if you do not complete your homework beforehand may convince you to do it.

Overall, senioritis is like the ending of the “Titanic.” Jack is our motivation, and Rose just lets him go, leaving him to sink in the ocean. She screams for him to come back, but let’s be real, he ain’t coming back. In order to beat senioritis, you need to be real with yourself. You are only here for a couple more weeks, so use this to motivate yourself to work hard and remind yourself that afterwards, you’re done. Isolate yourself while doing your work, but at the same time take small breaks so you can eat and catch up with your friends. Once you earn that diploma, go to Sonic and try all their new flavors or go mini golfing. Who cares what you do, just know the longer you wait to act upon your schoolwork, the longer you will have to wait in order to enjoy stress-free summer activities.

Sincerely, Derek

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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