Conspiracy: Melania Trump has stand-ins

How many Melania Trumps do you think there are? I bet this is a question you have asked yourself at least once. Whether or not you answered similar to me is up for debate. 

Are there two Melania Trumps? No. Is there one Melania Trump and multiple stand-in, fake Melanias? Yes. 

Fake Melania. This is a conspiracy theory that you have likely seen circulating on social media for quite some time. Pictures have been posted of the First Lady, with people pointing out major differences in her appearance compared to other photos. The comparisons have run wild, pointing out and circling portions of Melania’s face and features to prove that it is not really her standing next to Donald at all of these events. 

While this is not nearly as important of a topic as some other issues in the world right now, it is still an interesting one. Conspiracy theories are intriguing and have always gathered my interest. Any time there is a new theory trending online, I am the first to jump in and look at all of the threads and posts about it. The Fake Melania theory is no exception.

Pictures can be deceiving, but there is so much different about the structure of the fake Melanias compared to the real one. 

One of the fake Melanias has a completely different bone structure than the real Melania. It’s like they didn’t even try to find someone who looked similar in any way, just that she had the same hair style and skin tone. 

The smiles of the Melanias are all different also, as well as the distance between the mouths and noses of them. 

There is also a Melania that showed an abnormal amount of affection to Donald at a Trump rally. This is in stark contrast to the usual behavior of the couple in public. Seems suspicious.

My favorite trend with this conspiracy is people tweeting things such as “They aren’t even trying to hide that there is a fake Melania anymore” and they post a picture of Donald Trump with a clearly photoshopped other figure, or using old pictures of Donald from McDonald’s commercials posing with Grimace the purple guy. It always gives me a good laugh. 


I have also seen people speculating online that maybe Melania is the one who hired the fake Melanias and is hoping that Donald will not notice. All I have to say to these speculators is thank you. Thank you for allowing my brain to wonder at the possibility of that actually happening, and how it would have all played out. 

Yes, this article is ridiculous. Yes, there are more important things to discuss. Let me have my fun and indulge in conspiracy theories that are outlandish and weird. Check out the theory yourself, too. It is worth it I promise. 

Do I believe that there are multiple body doubles for Melania Trump? Yes. Do I think that this is the most important news going on right now? No. 

Still, it makes for some fun Twitter moments and online conspiracy narratives. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.

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