It's time for Christmas music

Without a doubt, the genre of music most universally acknowledged as “seasonal” is Christmas music. Every year, there are great debates at home, on the radio and amongst friends as to when it is acceptable to begin playing it. Honestly, I listen to Christmas music almost year round--for about 75 percent of it--and I think that’s totally fine.

Yes, I know it’s May. Yes, I know the next major holiday is the Fourth of July. Yes, I know that from the publication date of this newspaper issue there are still 234 days until Christmas. No, I do not care.

To me, Christmas music is something that can be listened to at any time of the year. Just like other genres, I may not be in the mood for it at certain times, but that does not mean it is exclusive to a limited number of days surrounding December 25. This music especially, with all of the great feelings and messages it brings, can be listened to at any time of the year.

This holiday is easily my favorite because there is a tangible warmth and joy in the air, something I believe has been captured in so many different Christmas songs. The peace and happiness expressed in these songs echo the feelings so many people experience at this time of the year, and these emotions and feelings should not be subjected to seasonality or a limited time frame.

While there are other songs and types of music that may be able to do something similar to this, I truly believe there’s nothing else like Christmas music that captures the unique essence of this holiday and time of year. Emotions are felt more in depth, people are quicker to care for others and the overall ambiance of the lighting and setting mix together to create this atmosphere that is felt once a year. But through Christmas music, we can access this at any time and should take advantage of this gift by disregarding the idea that there is a seasonal constraint on it.

So often these songs will create cozy images of relaxation and pure contentment. It reclaims the unadulterated joy we feel as children and encapsulates it so well that the mind is transported back to that time and is able to feel again those things.

If none of the above was able to convince you, another great thing about Christmas music is that it just makes me happy, which is one of the reasons why people listen to music in general. So even though Christmas music is technically “seasonal,” I unashamedly listen to it whenever the mood fits, no matter the time of year.

The views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Torch.

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