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Dear Avery,

I need to find housing arrangements for a few months this summer before my apartment contract begins. I am considering subletting, but the only option I have so far is with all ladies. I am a little unsure if I want to live with all women, as I myself am a man who is used to living in a house full of men. I understand you live with three fabulous ladies yourself, and I was wondering if you have any advice if I decide to pursue this option?


Contemplative Man

Dear Contemplative Man,

I think you may be overreacting just a bit. As you know I am an expert to this topic as the past 10 months have been some of the greatest times of my life with my roommates. We’ve had numerous cookouts, TV show binges, and puzzle challenges. We have developed numerous inside jokes that can still bring us laughter.

I must warn you - everything is not glamorous when living with women. Who told you they were “fabulous” anyway? They are always bickering at each other and constantly take me on an emotional rollercoaster. OK, it’s really not as bad as I make it seem. As long as you are a complete gentleman that stays out of their way, you’ll be fine. They are always right. Even when they are wrong, they are right.

Special circumstances always put people in new situations like yours. I chose this life last year as I couldn’t trust my male friends to stay clean or pay rent on time. You’ll probably survive, as the group you may move in with are probably already best friends that will do things in threes most of the time. They are just looking for somebody to help with the rent.

If you have a girlfriend, you must tell her up front. Have her meet these ladies, and get to know them for everybody's sake. You’ll probably all grow as friends, and if things take a sour turn, you can always stay in your room as it’s only for a few months. If you don’t have a girlfriend, these ladies can probably help. They’ll tell you what a lady is actually looking for as they are the source. The will enlighten you on the perfect tie to complement that well-fitted suit.

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