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"Hey, Ashley! It’s officially spring. However, with this weather lately I don’t know how to dress and still want be trendy...HELP! What are some spring trends that allow me to be fashionable but still be functional in this Valpo weather? Signed, Concerned Fashion Icon"


Well, well concerned fashion icon, you’re not alone. I totally understand your fiasco and the ever changing Valpa-rain-snow weather. The good thing is, I think I’ve figured out how to dress both fashionable for spring yet comfortable for walking class to class. Let’s make one thing clear, I’m not an expert on the topic of fashion. However, I will indeed try my best to share some tips and tricks to stay trendy this spring.


I would start by doing a little spring cleaning. Go through your closet and pick some of your favorite pieces. An issue I usually run into is getting bored of what I have in my closet. How do I solve that problem? Well, if I were at home it would be going to the mall. However, the nearest mall is not the most convenient for a college student.


Here is my pro tip #1 -- hit up the boutiques in downtown Valparaiso such as Edie. It’s on the corner of Lincolnway and has some unique pieces that are also on trend. Also, next time you make a Target run, check out the clothes section that seems to keep growing filled with many colorful, patterned items. Not only that, don’t forget about online shopping (super important for us college kids). Some of my favorite and affordable stores include Princess Polly, Pretty Little Thing and Urban Outfitters.


Next, now that you have obtained some new clothing items or found some hidden gems in your closet, let’s put together outfits that are both trendy and weather friendly.


Let’s say it’s Monday morning and you check the weather before class. It says sunny and 56 degrees -- what are you going to wear? Well, it still might be a little chilly to only wear a graphic t-shirt or a vintage band t-shirt, which by the way are both trending this spring.


So how do you make that wearable for Valpo? My go to is layering. Layering not only adds to your outfit but keeps you satisfied and not freezing walking to class. My go to is a graphic t-shirt over a black and white striped fitted long sleeve shirt. Then to complete the outfit, high waisted jeans with a black belt and a tucked in long sleeve shirt and a graphic t- shirt into the belt. This outfit is perfect for days where it is starting to get warmer but still isn’t completely sunny and 75.


Another trend this spring is animal print, ranging from cheetah to snake skin and the variety of pieces it comes in. From cheetah print pants to snakeskin patterned shirts it may seem like a bold choice but here are some ideas to style it that not only make it more wearable but also suit the weather. A great idea is to pair a pattern with a neutral colored piece, whether it be a black t-shirt or black jeans with the patterned piece. Another option is to add a jean jacket or cardigan -- it helps the transition from wearing a winter coat and it also tames down the bold patterns a bit.


My last tip for dressing for a Valpo spring is to get some cool denim pieces. Jeans with patchwork or two-toned washes such as light and dark make any outfit fun and allow you to stay trendy while it might not be warm enough for shorts yet.


So Concerned Fashion Icon, I hope you get some inspiration and ideas and that you’ll feel better about being able to stay trendy this spring while also being functional.

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