Dear Derek,

After a few parties have been busted this month, do you have any advice for a  partier who wants to have a good time, but be safe as well?

Sincerely, Animal House


Dear Animal House,

The first notion I want to make is that this is college. We have heard the stories about party schools and how crazy college can get. Especially the first week of college because for most students they have never been exposed to alcohol before. I feel like most people have the common sense to know what to do, but in the moment they do not use good judgement because they want to continue the night of festivities. We probably have heard all the stories from roofs giving out to people jumping out of third floor apartment windows to Theta. We all want to make memories in college, but sometimes in order to remember those memories, we need to have a limit.

My first piece of advice is more directed towards women. My sister and her sorority have a saying, “If you go together, you leave together.” This just makes everything so much similar. It helps protect women from the unfortunate creepers that lurk in the parties, you know who you are. In addition, it also prevents the situation from friends disappearing. I understand that phones die, individuals try to run into the forest when they have had some drinks in their systems, but keeping a close eye on a friend can really benefit the group in the case of an emergency.

I hate to be this guy, but one might also assign a sober monitor for the group. That person is going to be more miserable dealing with five drunk friends than a Falcons fan last Sunday night. Honestly, being the sober monitor makes you want to slam your arm in a car door because people just do not listen. However, sober monitors are necessary because they can help people who get sick, help prevent people from becoming sick and help downsize the amount of attendees and noise at the party.

Another piece of advice I have is how to get people to stop pressuring you to drink and make terrible life decisions that you might regret the morning after. Standing up for yourself is important, but sometimes no matter how much you tell someone no, they never refuse to give up. What I do to prevent this is to get a water bottle, dump out the water, and put apple juice into the water bottle. If people think you have alcohol with you, they will not pressure you to drink and if they do, you will be drinking apple juice like a champ. In addition, NEVER drink anything that someone gives you or finish your drink after you put it down for a while because you never know if someone slipped something into your drink or not.

Lastly, if you realize that a party is getting out of control, just leave. If people are screaming or breaking stuff, excusing yourself is perfectly fine. People might be mad at you the next day, but if the police show up most people can agree that they will not be worrying about what their friends think after their parents are through with them.

Animal House, parties are amazing, they are the crème in an éclair, but sometimes people need to worry about themselves first. Yes, we all need to de-stress at times, but managing our social life and education is more important. If you want to go to a party, just listen to your friends. If they tell you that you should drink water or if they are continuously asking you if are OK it might be time to take a breather and stop. Control yourself or else someone will control you, and never do something foolish just because you are upset. I can guarantee you that your drunk self will make things entirely worse, and you will regret it the following day.

Sincerely, Derek

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