Gill finds her rhythm

           With the final stretch of the season in sight, the Valparaiso women’s golf team is looking to send out its graduating seniors in style.

One such senior, Sibil Gill, has already made her presence known on the team, and has a legacy to leave behind.

       Back in 2012, coach Mat Blair started looking for student-athletes to fill his first recruiting class at Valpo. It was then that he came across Gill.

       “She was the first person I ever recruited.,” Blair said. “Sibil came in and wasn’t highly recruited. I saw her play the summer of her senior year. I saw something nobody else did.”

       Between her freshman and sophomore year, Gill trained hard in order to improve and become more competitive.

       “[Sibil] worked extremely hard,” Blair said. “She lowered her stroke average and got her game in shape. I am really proud of that and I’m really proud of her. All of the things that she has done has really embodied what we want. I will always remember Sibil. Sibil will always be my first recruit.”

       There appears to be a special bond between Blair and Gill.

“He is always like, ‘You were my first recruit,’ which is nice,” Gill said. “It is an honor. I’ve learned a lot about golf from him. I’m really appreciative of the experience.”

The Crusaders already completed a majority of their season this past fall. With the snow finally gone and warm weather on the way, the team has come out of hibernation to finish the year strong.

As for Gill, these next few months will mark the last of her collegiate golf career. After having golf as a major part of her life for so many years, the transition out of collegiate play will be interesting to say the least.

“My dad plays golf,” Gill said. “He started me when I was young. I’ve played golf since I was 11 and my whole family plays.”

Next year, Gill plans to attend medical school, which will take up the majority of her time. It is because of this that she might not get to play golf as much as she wants to.

“[I have] no plans for golf,” Gill said. “I will be going to medical school, so I probably won’t have the time to golf. It will always be a part of my life. I am really happy to have had this experience with the team. It’s been fantastic.”

Golf, unlike most other sports, is both a team and individual sport. This is just one of the appeals that golf has for Gill.

“It is nice being a part of a team and an individual sport,” Gill said. “I really like that you will always have something to improve. It can be frustrating, but it can also be great because you will always have something to work on.”

Looking back on the season so far, the chemistry in this year’s team has helped to lead them to success.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but overall it has been a great experience,” Gill said. “We all get along so well. We are working so hard. The fall was alright; we struggled a little bit. The spring, the way we’ve started it, I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen. I think we have a great chance.”

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