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I have been waiting for more evidence to write about this topic, but at this point I feel as if I have enough information to say what I want to say: social media in sports have been sucking for some time.

I will start with the two big sports social media bodies. 

Dear Sportscenter, get your act together. You are at the top of my disappointment list to me. 

I checked Instagram on Oct. 31 for replays about Houston winning game five of the World Series and saw nothing. The Astros won 9-5 and forced a Game 6 with an explosive fifth inning. Sportscenter did nothing.

I didn’t see Sportscenter post about that at all. The most we saw that day was Freddie Freeman seeing a kid dress up as him for Halloween. 

That is the most baseball earned themselves that day. I am also pretty sure that video is not from this year. 

So what did Sportscenter decide to post about that day? Videos of NBA players dressing up for Halloween. Baseball lost that day to LeBron James being Freddy Krueger. 

I’m not saying that the post wasn’t cool, but that is not necessarily critical news. I want critical news, not ‘fun’ news. Von Miller going to the Rams is critical news for me. 

Additionally, whenever I scroll on Instagram or Twitter nowadays, I find myself looking at a lot of replays and old posts. Nothing feels original anymore on the large platforms. 

I have noticed this trend of not thinking outside the box has been happening since the pandemic started. Public relations seems to be scrambling to find original ideas when sports and the rest of the world has been shut down.

But guess what? Sports has been in full force again for some time now. Basically all of them. Let me see baseball on Sportscenter represented as I scroll through my feed. 

I will slightly forgive the ESPN instagram account for posting about the World Series when it ended, but not before. 

Now I suppose it was my fault putting too much faith into Sportscenter for my news. I do enjoy getting my news from the @MLB, @thebsblr, and @pitchersnation on Instagram. 

Following the MLB account is important, but I also follow those smaller accounts for deeper analysis. 

Pitchersnation gives me clips of different pitchers and their mechanics. I found this clutch when I was a lefty pitcher in high school. Watching those clips helps me weigh in my Cy Young award winner predictions based on the recent news that Pitchersnation posts about. 

Thebsblr gives me some more original content with baseball, some of it stories about players that you would not expect to be shown on the big stage.

Did you know that Braves pitcher Jesse Chavez was a pick in the 42nd round in the 2002 draft? He has drifted around nine different teams throughout his 19 years of playing. 

He made his World Series debut during Game 2 and also pitched during Game 5. In two total innings, he has given up two hits and no runs. For 19 years, he has waited to make the big stage. 

Thebsblr told me that. Sportscenter couldn’t tell me that. Chavez making his debut is a cool story. The emotions of getting to finally see action in the Fall Classic is awesome as a fan. 

This is a crucial time for baseball right now, and both ESPN and Sportscenter will waste it on the most random pieces of information that provide no value to me in my life.

There’s precious time that is spent on social media that I have lost because of ESPN and Sportscenter.

I also haven’t heard much about golf lately. I understand that the PGA has their season starting up soon with the World Wide Technology Championship on Nov. 4-7. However, I don’t expect to hear golf news from Sportscenter. They will post about “Squid Game” instead. 

I also haven’t seen much about the National Hockey League. Where is the justice for hockey? The Blackhawks are in the middle of a sexual assault case and they would rather post about the same basketball shot over and over again. 

Objectivity just does not exist at ESPN and Sportscenter on the public relations level. They just want to post stuff that looks cool and will bring in the most ‘clout’ or ‘likes’. 

It is true that college basketball is around the corner, but I can’t wait to see how sparingly that news will be shown. 

As a Sports Editor for a collegiate newspaper, I strive to represent all teams on campus the best that I can, working within the timeframe and with the writers I have. Even if I mess up or forget something, at least I can hold myself accountable and say that I am trying my hardest in this business of reporting stories.

The people that write for media like ESPN or Sportscenter are doing this full time, but I don’t see them being original and holding themselves accountable. Start posting that. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Torch.

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