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There should be no doubt that after Super Bowl LV Tom Brady is now the greatest quarterback of all time. 

I already know that statement will make many people moan and groan, but it is time for you people to grow up. All I keep hearing is all of this bickering from salty Packers and Saints fans. I understand the grief that your team fell up short against Tom Brady, but that is in the past. 

Super Bowl LV is in the past. It is time to look to the future. Brady is getting his seventh ring. Move on. It can be much worse. 

I have grown up as a Vikings fan all my life and I have had to learn to move on after such horrible seasons. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I have suffered watching the Vikings lose every year. 

I have had to live under the oppressiveness of the Packers ever since I started watching football. Tell me how you really feel. 

It has been since 1947 since the Cardinals have won a title. Back then, they were not even based out of Arizona, but actually in Chicago. They have come close, but no cigar. 

If you think losing to Tom Brady is bad, talk about having to suffer through that drought. 

Browns fans have been grateful in the last month or so than most other fans have been. It’s crazy of me to say that I have more respect for Browns fans than most other high-tier team fans. 

If your team has made it consistently into the playoffs the past couple of years, be grateful. You have talent to actually have your name mentioned in a sports conversation. 

If your team has not been able to make consistently into the playoffs, you may have to be patient. Like my Vikings, our team's time will come. 

We are witnessing greatness unfold. Make no mistake, Brady is not my favorite quarterback. However, his story provides a lot more interest than most other quarterback stories.

Who gets to say that they have gone to 10 Super Bowl trips and got to win seven of them? No one can touch that legacy. He has been immortalized forever. 

I found it fascinating that Brady texted his teammates during the middle of the night telling them that they are going to win the big game the next day. He literally spoke the win into existence. 

I know that there are people out there that believe Brady’s wins are tainted with the fingers of many referees. It is a valid argument to make, but we have technology for replays. What was done is done. 

Many people believed before Super Bowl LV that Patrick Mahomes could be the one that can measure up to Brady in the G.O.A.T. conversation. 

I believe that Mahomes, along with the other young quarterbacks in the league, will make the game of football a lot more enjoyable after Brady retires. They were able to watch how he won, now it's time to see how they incorporate what they learned from Brady in the years to come. 

If you are worried the future of football will be ruled by Tom Brady until he turns into a cyborg, then you are looking at the value of what greatness you see in front of you. He will retire, it just may not be now. 

He may be a freak of a winner, but he is still human.

Appreciate how the game has evolved with him in it. Appreciate the dynasty. If anything is evident, it is that even the 199th pick in the NFL Draft can achieve greatness.

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