Athlete Diary: Drew Alexander

I was back in Valpo and the team was at the Grand Canyon’s tournament. The day before the tournament I texted in our team chat, “good luck tomorrow boys” and I got a response back that during their practice rounds, the tournament was canceled and then shortly after, our season was canceled, which was very upsetting. 


Thankfully golf is played outside and you can distance yourself significantly from other people, so golfers can keep practicing at a high intensity despite the pandemic. A lot of golfers improved during this pandemic because golf courses remained open and for some people, it was the only place they could go outside of their house.


Online school is a lot harder to focus on than in-person classes. There are so many distractions and I feel that it can take longer to do in-class assignments and listen to the lecture because of that. You see a lot of students in general struggle to learn this way, not just athletes.


I have seen a lot of ups and downs during my career, as a lot of athletes do when they play in college. I was fortunate enough to set a freshman low 18-hole record and tie the program 18-hole record with a 65 my freshman year. But, I have also had my fair share of poor play that has caused me to miss the 5 person line up on some occasions. It has been a great experience and I have loved playing for our coach, David Gring, who has just continuously improved our program.


This team has given me some of the best memories of my life. I have met so many good guys from freshman to now, senior year. Everyone has been fantastic and we have all had great relationships throughout the years. We all support and try to help each other improve, which is why I love being a part of this team.


The coaching staff has been fantastic. Our strength and conditioning coach, Bob Brooks, has helped our team throughout my time here and Ron Gring, our assistant coach, has helped our whole team with our swings and performance on the course. Our former volunteer assistant coach, Tom Brankin, left a lasting impact on our team that will never be forgotten. His character and personality were just the best and he was truly a friend to all on our team. Head coach, David Gring, was the reason I came to Valpo. He has the leadership and competitive drive you need in a head coach. He continuously pushes us to be the best golfers and people we can be. Not only has he helped me as a golfer, but as a person too. He is always there for us and I am thankful to have him as our coach.


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