Women's soccer shut out against Illinois State

Valparaiso women’s soccer faced a tough defeat by Illinois State on Wednesday. After both teams coming back from losses, it was ISU that came out on top.

Historically, ISU has beaten Valpo the past five times the two have met, and Wednesday was no different.

The Redbirds pull ahead in the Missouri Valley Conference with a record of 3-2-0, while Valpo drops to a 2-3-0 record.

Redbird Emily Dickman scored the lone goal of the game when Valpo defenders attempted to clear the ball from the front of the net, and it ricocheted off of her and past Valpo keeper Drew Moulton.

After scoring, ISU seemed to pick up the pace of the game, challenging the Crusaders’ morale.

“We really come together as a team,” said senior midfielder Jordon Tindell about team morale. “Tomorrow, we realize that what happened, happened, and we just have to move forward and think about the next game.”

Moulton played a tough game with five well-served corner kicks in the first half and three in the second. She made some attempts at saves, but her performance alone was not enough as the Crusaders failed to put one away.

Junior forward Cory Griffith had a breakaway late in the second half. However, Redbird defenders caught up with her forcing her to shoot. The ball flew just past the far post, though it scared the ISU keeper into a dive as the ball looked as though it would make it into the goal.

“We need to get the ball to our forward’s feet, plant the ball in the box and get some shots on goal,” Tindell said.

The Crusaders have two games left before the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, which begins Oct. 29. On Oct. 22, the Crusaders will face Indiana State at Memorial Stadium. Finally, the Crusaders will come back home to Brown Field for their final game against Evansville, which will begin at 4 p.m.

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