Vlogger or basketballer

Eron Gordon walks in the Popcorn Parade with his teammates as he vlogs.  


As a dedicated student-athlete, junior guard Eron Gordon focuses his time and effort toward perfecting his craft on the basketball court. But, whenever his schedule opens up, Gordon picks up his camera and captures the special moments and events in his life as a vlogger. 

His journey as a vlogger began long before he came to Valpo. He began his college career at Seton Hall on their basketball team. During his final few weeks at Seton Hall, he had a lot of conversations with his loved ones and they all recognized the creative potential inside him and convinced him to begin his career as a vlogger. 

“I first started vlogging during my last week of Seton Hall. I just got done talking to a couple of friends and family members that knew that I liked videotaping. They said ‘Hey, you should start your own vlog, and that was how Eron Gordon TV started,” Gordon said. 

Gordon started doing simple videos on his channel. His first video, “Haircut Vlog 2018”, was the first video he posted. Soon after, he knew that the content he wanted to post couldn’t be standalone, so he began categorizing his vlogs as seasons. 

“Vlogging has taught me that people are interested and obviously it has grown. The popularity has grown. It has just shown me how people are interested because initially I started vlogging with things like a haircut vlog, and went to other ideas like an NBA game vlog and stuff like that. I started doing seasons because people really wanted to tune in.” 

Gordon is currently in his third season of vlogging. With the basketball team, Gordan has vlogged his trip up to Canada and the Popcorn Festival as well as some behind-the-scenes videos of the team in the preseason. He has also vlogged a good amount with his friends and family.

Gordon is not like most other students. His father, Eric, played for Liberty University. His brother, Evan, has played Division I for Liberty University, Arizona State and Indiana University. His oldest brother, Eric, is in his 11th season in the NBA and currently plays for the Houston Rockets. 

“I think I have a really unique story to tell as a Division I basketball player traveling. I think it is cool to see basketball in general and not just basketball from my life, but from different perspectives,” Gordon said.   

Once the busy basketball season ends, Gordon hopes to vlog more and create more content for his viewers. During the Thanksgiving break, Gordon and the basketball team will be traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands to play in the Paradise Jam. He hopes to vlog a bit off the court during the trip.

“After the season ends, I will be doing a lot more vlogging. I just really want to amp it up. I might do a little bit of vlogging around Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I really enjoy it,” Gordon said.

To check out some of Gordon’s content, visit “Eron Gordon TV” on Youtube and @erongordontv on Instagram. 

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