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Being on the Valparaiso Track and Field team has been a very rewarding experience. After leaving Carthage College last year as a freshman and trying to find a new home athletically and academically, I was very excited to get recruited by Valparaiso and be able to compete at the highest level and be closer to home. 

With me being new to the program as a transfer sophomore, it took me a little time to get used to the Valparaiso Track and Field program, training and atmosphere. My experience with the program so far has been a journey. 

This indoor season has already been a learning process for me. This experience that God and the coaching staff here at Valparaiso have blessed me with, has given me the opportunity to run Division I Track and Field and compete in one of the best conferences in the country, Missouri Valley, along with pursuing my Exercise Sport’s Degree. 

I think track has allowed me to share my recruiting journey with others who may be going through the same experience that I had. I think with my journey, it goes to show that if you trust the process and believe in yourself it is crazy all the doors that can open for an athlete. 

This indoor season as a sophomore has been very exciting so far and I’m excited to see how I can build on my progress the rest of the season, for indoor and outdoor, and the upcoming seasons as well. 

The most fun part about being a sprinter and hurdler I would have to say is the thrilling experience and being able to be competitive. I’m a very competitive person on the track and hold myself to a very high standard. I’ve ran track since I was about eight years old and this sport has opened up so many doors for me. 

Track has brought me amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. I fell in love with the sport, while competing in the Hershey State Track and Field competition. I didn’t start hurdling until about fifth grade. That is when my love for track grew because of hurdling and the success that I had with it until this point in my track career. 

The Track and Field program here at Valparaiso means a lot to me. It’s truly a blessing to wear Valpo across my chest and represent the school during competition. I remember growing up as a little boy and coming to Valparaiso University for athletic events all the time. 

I never really thought I would end up here at Valparaiso, but it is crazy how the recruiting process can lead you to a place that you can finally call home. Being a part of this program has allowed me to reach out to others and help attract student athletes to the program here at Valparaiso. 

My teammates have definitely influenced me in a positive direction. We have a lot of seniors on our track team this season. With me being new to the program and competing at the highest level, they have taught me to keep my head up, even if my races do not go as planned. My teammates during practice and at meets are always pushing each other to their limits. 

The coaching staff here at Valparaiso have taught me new and different techniques. They are always willing to work with an athlete, whether it be block starts, running techniques or hurdling. I know if I ever need to talk to my coaches about anything that they can help and guide me to a solution to whatever my problems are. 

I trust whatever workout my coaches come up with because I know it will all pay off during the meets. The coaching staff not only makes you a better athlete, but helps you get ready for the real world. They want to see us succeed on the track and in the classroom as well. 

What I am looking forward to the most this year is accomplishing my goals for this season. Some of my goals for this outdoor season are making the All MVC team for the 400 hurdles, as well as the academic all conference team. I’m very excited to see my growth from now until I graduate. 

Each season the bar I set for myself will become higher. I’m looking forward to competing with my team. We have already had a great season and we are looking forward to building on our accomplishments. 

I’m definitely excited to be competing against some of the best runners and hurdlers in the Missouri Valley. This level of competition will not only challenge myself but my teammates as well. My teammates and I are ready to make some noise this indoor and outdoor season. Go Valpo! 

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