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As I begin to rejoice about the fact that football is back, I ask myself one simple question: Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

I have my money on the American Football League to supply a contender. I like the chances of the Buffalo Bills as underdogs. 

I look towards their performance during the 2020 season. The Bills had a regular season record of 13-3. Their schedule was among the toughest in the NFL last season.

Last season, the Bills went to the American Football Conference (AFC)  Championship. They went farther in the playoffs than they did prior to the 2020 season.

The last time the Bills won the AFC Championship was during the 1990-1993 seasons. They, however, appeared in the Super Bowl games during those four seasons, but lost every single one of them. 

The last time the Bills won the Super Bowl was… well, never. 

I have begun to see sports teams that have otherwise not had the chance to win a championship title finally take it. 

This team has finally formulated a small pattern of postseason success that can not be ignored. 

Look at their roster right now. Quarterback Josh Allen is only 25 years old and has appeared in the postseason twice. He has played four playoff games, three of them during the 2020 season. 

Allen threw for 4,544 yards last season with a completion percentage of 69.2%. He connected for 37 touchdowns and has only been picked off twice. The MVP runner-up will have another successful and productive season. 

Running back Devin Singletary has had a good offseason. It is between him and Zach Moss as the team’s top running backs. If the Bills offensive line can create holes for their running game, then the Bills can accommodate more success through their depth. 

I am also interested in the passing game of the Bills. Receiver Stefon Diggs is one of the deadliest receivers in the league. His defining strength is not his strength or speed, but his execution of his route running. As a Vikings fan, I am still salty about losing Diggs.  

Emmanuel Sanders has been a receiver that has shown up to work and has missed only a few games. From the press conferences I have listened to with Sanders in them, he seems very excited about this season happening and the deadliness of the passing game. 

Finally, the third weapon the Bills have is Cole Beasley. Don’t sleep on him, Beasley comes up clutch when we don’t think about it. He is part of the reason why the Cowboys had some success in the passing game in the years past. 

The Bills’ defense is ranked top ten in the league. 

I think it is time to change history and see another underdog win again. 

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