A 2022 Intramural CoRec Basketball Champion was crowned on Dec. 5, when Holy Buckets took down the Banana City Ballers by a final score of 46-34. The eventual champions were the favorites going into the match and lived up to the expectation. Prior to the game, the Holy Buckets were 6-2 on the season, compared to the Banana City Ballers who were 4-4. 

When the final buzzer went off, there were smiles all around for the Holy Buckets squad. Some team members even pretended to interview each other with an imaginary microphone about the win, to which the interviewees responded, “We’re going to Disney World.”  

Holy Buckets senior Brady Glidden was extremely proud of his team and what they were able to accomplish, all while having a great time. 

“Coming into this game we said we’re going to have fun tonight no matter what, because this team is just awesome. It’s super cool to be able to win. It was really fun, which is the most important part,” Glidden said. 

When the first whistle blew, Holy Buckets lost the tip off to their opponent, but they remained unphased. Holy Buckets snatched the first points of the night pretty quickly with an easy layup, and from that point on, maintained a lead. 

Junior Mia Bertino provided insight into Holy Buckets’ plan heading into the championship game. 

“We just wanted to get out onto their shooters, because we knew they had some really good shooters on their team. So, we started off in a 3-2 zone defense. Our plan was to play hard like we always do, we were really excited to get to play this team,” Bertino said. 

Banana City Ballers were able to tie the game up at 11-11 halfway through the first half, but Holy Buckets stayed composed under pressure. They saw out the remainder of the half, and went into their halftime huddle with a comfortable 27-16 lead.

Four minutes into the second half, Banana City Ballers seemed to lose steam, while the Holy Buckets did nothing but gain momentum. They stuck to their game plan, defending the Banana City Ballers’ shooters well and forcing them to go for layups instead of three pointers. The scoreboard at this point read 35-22 for Holy Buckets.

When the score reached 32-44 with just under four minutes remaining in the game, the first timeout was called by the Banana City Ballers. They were hoping to devise a game plan that would help them recover from their 12-point deficit.

When play resumed, both teams only scored two more points each. Through all the excitement and joy of winning, both Bertino and Glidden agreed the best part of the season was the friendly competition.

“I really enjoyed playing with all of my friends, especially when there is good competition like this. I mean getting in a workout in, and playing with and against friends.. You can’t beat those two when you put them together,” Glidden said.

Although the intramural basketball seasons are coming to an end, there is still time to join in on the intramural sports fun on campus. There will be badminton, dodgeball, volleyball, kickball, floor hockey and indoor soccer taking place in spring 2023 once the new semester begins.

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