Liz Owen

Like any other senior on campus, Liz Owen has been through a lot during her four years at Valpo. Owen is currently balancing life as a student-athlete as well as being a newlywed.

“It’s been a hard balance spending time with the team, doing school work and spending time with your spouse,” Owen said. “When you’re married to your best friend you don’t have to work too hard to find time, but it is definitely a juggling act. It’s been easier than I thought it would be.”

When she was deciding on where she was going to go to college, Owen didn’t want to attend Valpo at first.

“I wanted to be a nutritionist or a dietitian, but Valpo didn’t have a major for that,” she said.

She received an email from assistant coach Mike Straubel asking her to run for the Crusaders, but she turned down the offer. After talking with one of her high school teachers, she decided to major in biology and told Straubel she had a change of heart.

During her sophomore year, Owen switched her major to theology and ministry, sticking with it ever since.

Entering her senior season, Owen and her coaches have high hopes for ending her Valpo career on a high note.

“All the hard work she’s put in the past three years has set her up nicely for a solid campaign outdoor and indoor for us this year,” coach Ryan Moore said. “She has the potential to be a conference champion this season in multiple events, which will give us points on the track.”

The team is also looking to Owen to rise up and be a leader for the younger athletes.

“Her attitude in general just lends herself to (be a leader) whether or not I directed her to do that, it’s just part of her personality,” Moore said.

“I try to provide that mentorship (to the younger athletes),” said Owen. “I like to lead by example of what a friend, an athlete, and a teammate should be.”

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