Pi Phi wins their first kickball game of the season

After being down by two runs for three innings, a short-staffed Pi Beta Phi kicked down the door to rally three runs in the fourth inning to come back against Chi Omega in the women’s kickball league. The team won 4-2. 


After outfielder Emily Bauer caught the final out, Pi Phi won not only the semi-final round but their first kickball game of the season. They lost to Kappa Kappa Gamma in the first game of the season and Chi Omega in their last regular-season game. 


“It definitely means a lot. We haven’t been doing good in the regular season. It was a battle for this game coming back and making sure you come back stronger,” Pi Beta Phi team captain Maddie Johnson said. 


Being short of players and rolling with the cold were but some of the challenges the sorority had to face. With only having seven that played Tuesday night, Johnson and her team had to fill defensive holes and seize their moments on the offensive side of the kickball to win it. 


“We were having a struggle finding players for this game, so the fact that we came out and gave it our all, in the end, is definitely important. It means a lot to our sorority and our team,” Johnson said. 


After Chi Omega scored two runs in the bottom of the first inning, Pi Phi remained scoreless until the top of the fourth. The sorority was able to rally back with six straight hits to score three runs. 


After the fourth inning, Pi Phi scored another run in the sixth inning to solidify both the lead and the win. 


On the offensive end, Pi Phi committed 19 hits over Chi Omega’s 17. Both of Pi Phi’s innings they scored in included five or more hits. 


On the defensive end, both teams faced difficulties. The cold weather has been a factor that not only dictated their game but also with their season as it progressed. Pi Phi came out knowing this and was prepared for the challenge. 


“It’s funny because we have only played when it has been raining the day of, and it has been cold at night, so we were equipped for this weather,” Johnson said.


As Pi Phi relishes in this win, the team has a quick turnaround against a talented Kappa Kappa Gamma for the championship game. 


“We definitely need to be sure that we are on top of our game. KKG is good and has great girls that are athletic and know how to play the sport. As long as we come out with heart and communication, then hopefully we will come out in the end,” said Johnson.


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