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I joined the cheer team as a sophomore. I was never a cheerleader in high school, so I had never thought to join the cheerleading team in college. My friend encouraged me to join, since I had gymnastics experience. I was grateful enough to land a position as a flyer. 

Being on the cheerleading team has been the greatest experience I could have asked for. I was never a confident person, but being on the team has raised my confidence. This program encouraged me to be a better person and to take positive risks in life.

 I also was lucky enough to be voted as co-captain this year and to help lead the team. My teammates have been the most supportive people. Everyone was patient with me while I was learning how to fly, and they encouraged me to not give up. Through this experience, I also learned how to be a good teammate and how to work with others.

My favorite memory was my first time traveling to the Missouri Valley Arch Madness tournament with my teammates which brought me much closer to the team. This is what makes me most excited for the tournament this year. 

I’m excited to spend quality time with my teammates while traveling and travel for the last time as a senior. I am thankful for all of the lessons that cheerleading taught me in college. I have met the greatest people, and some of my best friends through this program. It also encouraged me to grow as a person and to be a more confident version of myself. 


Being on the cheerleading team the past four years has been a great experience. It’s allowed me to grow both as a person and a leader. As co-captain I have learned to be more outgoing and have tried to be a source of encouragement, support, and positivity for my teammates.

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to represent Valpo as part of the cheerleading team. I really enjoyed having a front row seat to all the action at athletic events while supporting our football and basketball programs. 

Some of my favorite college memories have been made while traveling with my team to the NIT and Missouri Valley Arch Madness tournaments. The quality time spent together at these tournaments allowed our team to bond and become even closer. 

I have met some of my closest friends on the team and am looking forward to making even more memories together at the Missouri Valley Arch Madness tournament this year. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a great program.


Originally, I pictured my high school senior night as my last time cheering. Obviously I was wrong. I was talked into trying out and I am so glad I did. VU cheer has been such a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have been able to grow as both a person and an athlete thanks to the program and the people I met through it. 

As a freshman, I came in with eight years of basing experience and to my surprise, I was asked to try out as a flyer. While I knew the basics from being around cheer so long, I had to learn an entire new position. Like Emma Brandy, I’m forever grateful to the team and my coach for their patience and guidance as I continue to learn this new skill. I have also been able to grow as a leader through my position as co-captain and I am excited to see what my senior year entails.  

It’s too hard to pick a favorite memory as there are so many good ones. I’ve been able to meet some of the best people through cheer, including some of my best friends. Being able to spend so much time with them while doing what I love has been a gift in itself. 

Every year I have looked forward to the Arch Madness conference and this year is no different. It’s a great experience to cheer in a bigger arena in such high-stakes games. I’m a big basketball fan and getting front row seats to the conference is a pretty great deal. Additionally, I look forward to spending time with my teammates. The six hour bus ride becomes worth it when we turn being stuck in traffic into a mini dance party. Being able to travel with my team is a great way to end every season, and I can’t wait to see what this conference brings us.  

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