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Listen, if the Cubs are down by 10 against the Braves, of course it is going to suck. However, you might as well give Anthony Rizzo the opportunity to pitch against Freddie Freeman. 

A position player struck out a starting first baseman. Fans are erupting, smiles are being exchanged between Freeman and Rizzo. How can you not love that for baseball? This is what we need for the game. 

We can even look back to earlier moments between Freeman and Rizzo this season. The rundown Freeman was caught in and Rizzo was calling him down the line. This moment blew up the baseball social media world.

Whether you wish to address Freeman as ‘Freddie’ or ‘Frederick’, you live for these moments. 

For all of the fortune and glory that these teams chase for everyday, they are bound to have days having this sort of fun. It happens, they can’t win them all. 

I remember when the esteemed third baseman Adrian Beltran was the center of comedy for the Rangers and for the league for a while. He never meant to be funny, but we found him great in the moments that we didn’t expect. These are free moments that this sport gives us. 

We all rallied around Bartolo Colon. Yes, you know who I refer to--Big Sexy. We all remember where we were when he hit that homerun. In fact, we are coming up on the May 7, 2016 anniversary when he played on the Mets.

I remember my eyes gleamed at the sight of the impossible. If Bartolo Colon can hit a homerun, then anything can happen in the game of baseball. 

So why bring these moments up? We all know how romantic baseball is. These moments are why so many people love this sport. These moments are what defines the sport for being different and unique. 

But there is a sense of mysticism that us fans tend to wrap around when we watch these small, fun moments. We want in, we want to cash in on these opportunities. I know, for many Cubs fans, they really enjoyed seeing him do what every kid dreams of doing. 

After all, he still has a 0.00 Earned run average (ERA). 

I can tell you that the concept of baseball is a long one. I know, I played. Games are long, seasons much longer. Let me remind you, however, that this sport is the longest testament in America and in the world. 

All of these moments, for me, are just part of a collection of reasons why this sport is amazing. 

If these moments help bring you a smile even when you are not watching, then the sport has done its job. The personalities of baseball have done its job.  

We can get behind deGrom striking 14 batters out on the side. We can get behind Aaron Judge hitting homers into the next dimension. We can also get behind an occasional brawl between the Dodgers and Padres. But baseball is the children’s game. 

These are the moments that fans want. We want the kids to play, so let them.

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