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For most of the school year, junior guard Nick Robinson put forth his time and effort toward his basketball career; however, after suffering a fractured ankle last season, he picked up photography as a way to fill his time and express his artistic imagination. Robinson specifically focuses on nature photography.

“My girlfriend is an artist. I can’t draw or paint for anything, but I decided to tap into my artistic side and take pictures and felt it was a good hobby and a good stress reliever,” Robinson said. 

He began his journey by photographing different aspects of nature, but over time Robinson focused his composition on the subjects of plants and flowers. Robinson prefers this as his primary focus because he likes bringing out details that no one would normally see on a daily basis. 

Through the use of his Sony camera, Robinson particularly enjoys photographing the change that nature goes through as time goes on at Valparaiso University. 

“[As] I would walk to the gym, I would notice over a month how some flowers would die and how they would change… I just like taking a picture of the progress of time and I feel like that always stood out to me because change always comes,” Robinson said. 


Robinson’s photographs convey a deeper meaning about how something as simple as flowers can demonstrate how life can change the environment people live in. 

“I also feel like you could learn a lot from life and how things change and you still got to adapt,” Robinson said. 

One of the greatest aspects of photography Robinson enjoys is getting the freedom to freely express his artistic talent as a photographer and not having to worry about the thoughts of others of his composition.

“I just go out. That is one thing that I like is that I don’t know [what I will see]. If I am doing something wrong, then I don’t know that I am doing something wrong, so it feels right to me. It just feels nice to go out there and not to have to impress anybody,” Robinson said. 

Photography has also enabled Robinson to capture moments not only through his close nature shots but also with his friends and loved ones. 

“They like it. It has enabled me a chance to capture moments. Sometimes people don’t keep moments and don’t realize the beauty in the moment. Whenever you have a camera, You can take a picture anytime and it's always nice to capture moments with your family,” Robinson said. 

One of Robinson’s long term goals is to get his pictures published through a major magazine that mainly focuses on nature photography like National Geographic. 

To find out more of his photos, check out his Instagram @nrobinson_5

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