Kate Beckemeyer

Just in time for the softball season to begin, sophomore Kate Beckemeyer is just starting her journey at Valparaiso University. Previously at Parkland College, Beckemeyer just transferred this semester.  

Following a training camp in January with the Valparaiso team, Coach Wright reached out to Beckemeyer to bring her talents to the team.  

“It was like November, late November actually, and Coach Wright reached back out [to Beckemeyer’s Coaches] and was like, ‘Hey, we might need a girl to come at the semester break. Would she be interested to come on a visit and come talk to the girls?’ So I came here during finals week and then committed,” Beckemeyer said. 

This new situation began to gain traction after that for Beckemeyer.

“Everything’s been kind of like a whirlwind. It happened super quick,”Beckemeyer said. 

“I mean I came here, about four weeks ago and we’ve already had three weeks of practice. So I’ve already been to Houston and played a weekend. It’s been fun.”

Beckemeyer has already proved to be quite the versatile player on the field during the Houston game. 

“I want to do whatever I can to help the team out; no matter what my role is,” Beckemeyer said. “This weekend I got to play outfield and I also got to pinch it. So, whatever I'm called to do I want to do best since I know that whatever the coach is saying, is what’s best for the team.” 

Beckemeyer’s favorite position lies in the outfield. 

“I really love the outfield… I just like how in the outfield you get to be free and just run around. Catch some balls. It's fun,” Beckemeyer said. 

Outside of the field, her teammates have already proven to be a great support for Beckmeyer while transitioning to life in Valpo.

“We [the team] have the saying ‘with it or on it.’ If you're not with it that day, we're going to carry you on the shield and we're going to get you through it to where you need to be. That saying honestly stuck with me. I love it,” Beckemeyer said.

Finally looking forward, with the help of her team and her own determination, Beckmeyer has created goals for herself that would help her compete against tough competition in the NCAA. 

“[I’m] getting used to the pitching at the division one level. Getting used to the pace of the games and getting myself fully prepared for what is to come in conference,” Beckemeyer said. 

Since starting here at Valpo, Beckmeyer has embraced her community, team and program. She is joining the engineering program at Valpo as a civil engineer.

“I love Valpo. I love everything that the school embodies. Everything that the softball team embodies. It’s all been amazing,” Beckmeyer said. 

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