Phi Psi takes close nail-biter in Saturday match

In sports, having depth on your roster could be the deciding factor for winning a game. For the Phi Psi 1 team, having only three players had it come down to the wire, but it allowed them to win 2-1 in the match against the Disciples of Cayde in the Men’s Sand Volleyball Intramural League. 

While the Disciples of Cayde had a full roster on the sand, team captain Matt Wolf, Forrest Eriksson and Nick Jiminez were able to hold the line for their team’s victory.

Wolf knew beforehand that they were going to be down teammates. He addressed some concern when the team arrived to see the Disciples of Cayde already warming up and getting loose. However, the team was able to walk out with a close win. 

“We pulled through with our three guys. We got a little tired in that second game [set], but we pulled through and got that win. It’s all that matters,” said Wolf. 

The game started in Phi Psi 1’s favor, going 11 straight over the Disciples of Cayde. They were able to take the first set 21-10. 

“That was all up to Nick with those dominant serves in that game putting us up 11 points in that game, so props to him,” Wolf said. 

However, the Disciples of Cayde were able to capture the first point of the set and were able to capture the lead early. With Phi Psi down 16-9, they took the timeout to recuperate and figure out how to rally back. 

“We knew they were a scrappy team, bumping it over after we made a play. We knew we had to get that ball straight up in the air pretty high so we can make a play on it,” Wolf said. 

The Disciples of Cayde were able to press on and win the second match, tying up the match 21-10. 

“The second game [match], we kind of got our act together, and we came away with a pretty substantial lead,” said Disciples of Cayde team captain Ethan Decatur. 

With the deciding match on the line, Wolf’s team was able to win the first five points and then take another timeout to discuss how to close out the third set 15-6. 

“That wasn’t too bad. We got a little bit of that timeout in between [serves] to catch our breaths, and it was Nick with his dominant serves to put us up a couple of points in the beginning,” Wolf said. 

While both Jimenez and Wolf have played on the team before, Eriksson came in clutch after a hiatus from the fraternity’s team. 

“He is a new guy this year, we haven’t had him on the team the last couple of years. He was a pretty dominant presence. He is getting lots of digs back there,” Wolf said. 

For the Disciples of Cayde, their approach is a bit different then from the rest of the league. While they have an all-freshman roster, Decatur described his team's chemistry on the court as developed as the rest of the league.

“We all work together really well. And we all understand each other very well, which has most certainly helped with communication and a lot of nonverbal communication as well,” Decatur said. 

With the second win of the season secured, Phi Psi 1 will look to improve to dominate against the rest of the league and go deep into the playoffs. 

“We are going to go all the way. I’m confident about it,” Wolf said. 

As for the Disciples of Cayde, they are looking to pick up a couple of games this season, but also look to have fun and enjoy time with each other. 

“It's the goal to be as high achieving of a team as possible. But really just to have fun, and just kind of have a break on the weekends from academics and school and just kind of enjoy, enjoy ourselves and hang out and play some volleyball,” Decatur said.



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