Men's softball league begins in fashion

Intramural sports began its season on Sept. 3, opening up the semester with the Men’s Softball season. The season opener ended with a Sigma Phi Epsilon comeback 6-5 win against Phi Sigma Kappa.


Sig Ep’s comeback came in the bottom of the fifth inning, scoring five runs through eight hits. 


Sig Ep team captain Reed Hubbert was proud of the team’s determination to bounce back and win when it mattered most. 


“It started out rough when we were down 5-1, I was a little nervous. We had that huge inning where we scored five runs, and from there we were able to turn it around. It was a great team effort,” said Hubbert. 


Phi Sig was able to lay the first punch, scoring one run in the top of the first inning. Sig Ep was able to respond in the bottom of the second inning with a run of their own to tie up the game.


In the third and fourth inning, Phi Sig was able to pull ahead and capitalize, scoring four more runs through eight hits to put them ahead on the board. 


After scoring five in the fifth inning, Sig Ep was able to blank Phi Sig in the top of the seventh inning and secure the win. 


For Hubbert and his team, this game means a lot more in the sense of getting to play this game despite the COVID-19 pandemic.  


“It was a really good time out there. First of all, it is fun being back and playing IM’s, I honestly did not believe them to happen this school year. It’s great being here with our friends and exercise, playing a game that we love,” Hubbert said. 


Hubbert went on to compliment his team’s defensive abilities and adjusting after the fourth inning. 


“I was very proud of the outfielders, nobody had any drops today. I trust our infielders to get better through practice. It is our first game, so I am not too worried,” Hubbert said. 


On the offensive side of the game, Sig Ep showed great efficiency. While Phi Sig was able to produce 22 hits through five runs, Sig Ep was able to make it count with 18 hits through six runs. 


Among some of the leading hitters in their opening game were Matthew Yee and Hubbert, who both went 3-3 in their at-bats. Zac Ahlers and Max Doyle also had huge games, both going 3-4, respectively. Allen Marvel also connected with two hits through his three at-bats.  


“This is a very different team when we played softball two years ago. We got some athletes in our fraternity, we just got to see if we can put it all together and win some more games,” Hubbert said.


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