The Chicago Bears finally let the fans enjoy a win at Soldier Field by defeating the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday 21-13. Despite going into this season with high hopes of winning the division and making the playoffs, those hopes sadly drifted away. The Green Bay Packers are leading the pack as they seemed to hit the rhythm that the Bears have been searching for since week two.

This season has simply been a disaster. After believing that they could stand a chance against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, I must have simply been going crazy that night, believing they actually had a chance. It sickens me that they were embarrassed that badly as Rodgers tied the Green Bay record and matched the NFL record of points scored at Lambeau at halftime.

The defense was already a mess with injuries and key players not performing to their ability. The offense has been put under immense pressure this season during which Jay Cutler and his offense seemed to just disappear. Cutler has been in the middle of the media and fans anger since the season started.

With many having high hopes and expectations, his performance and energy once again leads us to many questions of whether or not Cutler is the right guy for Chicago.

There is no question that at times Cutler looked like the hero that Chicago needs and loves, but he has yet to live up to those standards as time after time there always seems to be some kind of disappointment. The question becomes whether or not it is time for Cutler to depart and how much longer can fans handle the rollercoaster of Jay Cutler.

There has been trade talk and how the Bears are not entirely stuck with Cutler if they decide to part ways. If they were to trade him they would save $12.5 million but Cutler would be guaranteed $15.5 million next season. It would be up to the Bears and if another team would be interested in Cutler, and according to Adam Schefter, an ESPN reporter for, there are teams that have interest around the league.

I truly don’t believe this is the right path to go down, Cutler has everything you need in a quarterback. He is good enough to be great and good enough to give the Bears a chance to win every week, if you get rid of him who’d be left to replace Cutler? Cutler is a top quarterback in the league, people just have to realize it instead of believing in the things he can’t do for Chicago.

Fingers are being pointed and were pointed at Cutler this whole season. It’s not entirely his fault, the defense has been horrendous. I honestly don’t believe the play calling has been that great either. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am a believer in Cutler and always have been.

He has what it takes to be an elite quarterback and leader, I just believe Chicago has to let it happen and believe instead of criticizing his play after every game. It’s simply impossible to win games without having a consistent defense. Cutler is not the only one to blame for the mess this season.

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